Restaurant CDC Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is a mentoring peer group who meet regularly to help solve problems and give and receive advice and support from each other, facilitated by an experienced leader and coach. 

Most Chefs de Cuisine feel they are Alone on an Island

The Chef de Cuisine is the one who gets it done; a leader in the kitchen with a focus on execution. They are a person who understands how to build the right teams to do the right work to make the place run, night in and night out. The CDC is comfortable in their role as the executive chef's right hand and as the “glue” holding the Back of House together.  

The best Chefs de Cuisine have been “around the block” a couple of times. They came up through the ranks and cut their way through the weeds. They’ve seen perfect services and they’ve been part of disastrous meals. Through it all, they have built the experience to command the line; they are the conductors of a new symphony, every night. They not only understand each of the functional areas individually, they also understand how those functions work together to create a harmonious and successful business. The very best CDCs think with their heads and act with their hearts.  

The most experienced Chefs de Cuisine are true strategic partners with their Front of House and their ownership teams. They serve as sounding boards for their ideas, concerns and collaborate on business planning and strategy. Great CDCs are both capable and empowered to address problems at all levels of the company, ensuring that their people are always getting stronger and more effective. 

The ability to think across the kitchen, throughout the operation, matched with an ability to lead people and drive positive results makes a great CDC a rare team leader.

Are you a great CDC looking for peer-to-peer mentorship with other great CDCs?

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Where Does the Rare Team Leader Go for Solutions, Advice and Council?

Until now there has not been a forum for experienced Chefs de Cuisine. How do we become better at what we do? Because we are the “rare team leader,” where do we turn if we have a question or a problem to solve? We are self-starters and have an appetite for learning, we usually find a solution to try. Maybe there is a better way, the ability to discuss the issue with a group of experienced CDC’s to discover the best solution. 

As a business operator and “second in command,” I have found myself in this situation and wished I had a group of experienced peers I could meet with on a regular basis. A place to learn and grow from each other, share ideas and experiences, push each other and ultimately make us better Leaders. If you have been searching for a Mastermind Community, a group of professionals that understand what you do, the search is over! 

My expertise is guiding & mentoring business leaders to be the best they can be

The most important thing I can tell you is that I have walked in your shoes. I was a skilled Second In Command; I have dealt with adversity and success. I know the importance of strong relationships between Visionary Leaders, their ‘number 2’ and the leadership team as a whole. 

  • I know this to be true from over twenty years of experience, a great CDC is a requirement to having an exceptional business. The Chef de Cuisine needs to drive quality, profitability and enable a successful work-life balance for their team.

  • My expertise is guiding and mentoring business leaders to be the best they can be. The secret to being a great CDC is to be able to lead the business with the best-in-class operational execution. This group will make that a reality. 

  • I choose to work with a limited number of CDCs. I seek out CDCs that will not settle for anything other than being their best. If you are committed, focused, ready to learn and have some fun YOU should be in our BOH Mastermind Group ™ . 

  • Are you a great CDC looking for peer-to-peer mentorship with other great CDCs? 

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Reed MacNaughton

Founder of BOH Mastermind


New York, NY